Where and How Gaelic Forge Started

For our first post I want to share where and how Gaelic Forge started.  We live on the eastern side of California’s Central valley.  The winters here can reach devastating freezing cold temperatures and summers will be in the triple digit thermometer readings.  This is very typical and not at all uncommon for our little spot in California!

Where and How Gaelic Forge Started

This is a view from our road.

Our half-acre is up against the foothills that reach up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  As we look at the beginning of day from where we live, we know that each day is a new inspiration.  It is a beautiful sight to see the break of light outlining the mountains to the east of us.  That first spark of morning radiance as it makes the dark change to light is awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

Mountain view from my driveway

This is a cloud cover over the mountains as seen from our driveway.

Since we were first married we have always lived in the country and we have always been close to the foothills with a span of agriculture between us and the nearest city.  The central valley is sometimes called the breadbasket of the world and it is easy to see why when driving through it.  Just making a trip to town we pass through many orange groves and various orchards of tree fruit.  Fresh food and produce that is grown near by will fill the farmer’s market.

Agriculture landscape from Rocky Hill, taken by Ted

Agricultural landscape taken by Ted.

We have always had a garden.  Sometimes our garden was mostly filled with growing food with various herbs strewn throughout.  Other times the garden was mostly a grassy area for the kids to play as they were growing up.  There were years when we had the best of both with the huge grassy area with the vegetable and herb garden.

A Bit of Our Garden

A small glimpse of our garden.

Out in the Garden
Out in the Garden in Early Spring

During the time we were raising our family Ted spent many years working with metal, being a metal fabricator among other things.  He has worked to build big metal machine things and packing lines.  As his job evolved he no longer needed to spend twelve and fourteen hours a day away from home.  At this time there was an opportunity to take a blacksmith class with one of our sons.  Isn’t it just amazing that a person can spend so many years doing a thing and yet there is always something new, exciting and amazing to learn?

This blacksmith class was where and how Gaelic Forge started, and as my husband likes to say, “Making jewelry is a lot more fun than making horseshoes!”  This was the beginning of our awesome hand forged Celtic jewelry!

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