Large Celtic Style Hand Forged Hoop Earrings

What kind of new hand forged earrings will we have at Gaelic Forge?  I always wonder about this myself, as we have many different designs.  Some are very complex and some are simple.

I actually have a number of new additions to upload to the shop.  But in my search of keywords and popular searches I discovered that hoops as well as large hoops has many searches.

So I recently asked Ted to make some hoops.  Different and bigger than the hoops that we presently have in our Etsy shop.  Hoops with lots and lots of Gaelic Forge character!

I came home early today, before Ted did.  I vacuumed the area rug in the living room real quick, ( I’m kind of obsessive about that), then grabbed my camera and tripod and headed out to the workbench to check out the hoop earrings.

I turned on the shop light and there they still were.  Hoops.  Beautiful and gorgeous hoops.  Celtic style hand forged copper hoop earrings.  Suspended under the light.  Dreamy color iridescence being cast from metal and glass.

I set my tripod and camera up, careful to not move anything that might disturb the stillness of the suspended hand forged loveliness of these Celtic earrings.

And then, Ka kleek!  Ka kleek!  Ka kleek!

Copper Hoop Earrings from Gaelic Forge

The orange glass beads look so beautiful with the hammered copper.

I love the hammered texture on these copper hoops.

Copper hoop earrings with wood bead accents.

Another focus showing the stripe pattern of the wood beads.

I wanted to capture the pattern of the wood beads in this shot.

Gaelic Forge hammer textured hoop earrings.

All colors look so awesome with copper including these blue accents.

Hoop Earrings from Gaelic Forge

I think there must be six or seven pairs of hoop earrings in this shot!

Thanks for taking time to stop by, we love having you here!  Be sure to drop by our Etsy and look for new offerings to the shop!


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